1.3 billion tones of food are wasted worldwide every year – an untapped resource for development of novel food products 

Tackling food waste in an efficient, sustainable and integrated way using biotechnology is an opportunity to create nutritiously superior food products to feed people and optimize the use of natural and financial resources

One-third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted
Meanwhile, the world’s population is predicted to reach 9.1 billion by 2050 and this will require an increase of 70% in food availability

Food loss and waste represent wastage of the water, land, energy and other natural resources used to produce food: approximately 4.4 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) annually

The value of annual food loss and waste at the global level is estimated at US$ 1 trillion 

Fruits and vegetables have the highest wastage rates of any food

Almost half of all the fruit and vegetables produced are wasted. Among those, 25% are food grade by-products from juicing

Wasted not waste

Fruit and vegetable by-products come primarily from the juice and beverage industries and consist of clean fruit/vegetable pulp, skins and seeds 

These are known to be the most nutrient-rich parts of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in dietary fiber; but are usually associated with high sugar content and acidity. These seriously limit their nutritional value and use in food manufacturing



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