Careers at Green Spot

Green Spot Technologies is a food/industrial-biotech start-up based in Toulouse, and incubated in a leading biotech incubator: Toulouse White Biotechnology Center. Founded in New Zealand,  we recently moved to France after a successful seed fundraising.

Our mission is to challenge the food waste paradigm by producing novel high-value food ingredients with improved nutritional profiles from a diverse range of fruit and vegetable by-product streams that are currently wasted.

Green Spot developed a patented fermentation platform that transform wasted fruit and vegetable by-products into low “carb” flours with improved nutritional value and functionality, high in protein and dietary fibre, while being low in starch, sugars and fats.

We won a number of prizes and are in contact with numerous industrial players interested in our products.

Current open positions

We are looking for a research scientist with skills and experience in microbiology and/or biochemistry to support our research projects. If you have an inquisitive mind and enjoy planning and working on experiments, we invite you to apply to this position.


  -Create and conduct experiments
  -Process and analyse results and data
  -Present ongoing work and findings to colleagues and at conferences, and summarise the nature of the research, methodology and results
  -Train and supervise other members of staff
  -Devise or help to draw up new research proposals and apply for funding
  -Carry out peer reviews of written publications 
  -Keep up to date with the work of other scientists
  -Chemical analyses of functional active ingredients
  -Characterization of enzyme activities and application of enzymatic formulations
  -Carry out tests and analyses for the development of new formulated products
  -Contribution, as required, to projects related to evaluation of substrates and microorganisms in application context
  -Reporting the results obtained
  -Contribution to tasks for the proper functioning of the laboratory and the maintenance of laboratory equipment


•    Competences: 

  -Knowledge of classical microbiological and biochemical methods
  -Knowledge of fermentation processes will be appreciated
  -Good level of computer literacy
  -Knowledge of chemical analysis methods will be appreciated

•    Personal qualities: 

   -Sense of organisation
   -Ability to adapt
   -Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team and independently 

•    Qualification:

    -PhD in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry or related fields
    -Recently graduated PhDs are welcome to apply

•    Languages:

   -Ability to speak fluently English and French is essential 


•    Join an exciting young start-up company driven by having an impact on the world by reducing food waste while generating significant revenues
•    Competitive salary
•    Full health insurance
•    Live in the beautiful Toulouse “La Ville Rose” 
•    You will actively participate in the transformation of an entire sector
•    Enjoy a fast-paced, international, interdisciplinary, inspiring, and collaborative work environment
•    A real career opportunity to those who share our values and wishes to invest in their development



Théogone-CEEI Centre européen d’entreprise et d’innovation

10 Avenue d'Europe

Parc Technologique du Canal 

31520 Ramonville-Saint-Agne